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1-Day Energy Fix

Do This Today To Look and Feel AMAZING!

Hey it’s Yuri Elkaim and today I’m going to reveal a VERY simple, 1-Day Energy Fix you can follow to feel years younger in a matter of days. It doesn’t matter how drained and exhausted you might feel at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter if you can barely drag yourself out of body in the morning. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 100 years old…or anyone in between.

If you follow the incredible, simple plan I’m about to lay out in full detail for you, you will feel (and look) amazing, guaranteed.


You probably think
I’ve lost my marbles, right?

Well, maybe that’s true, because when I share my 1-Day Energy Fix secrets with my clients and TV personalities like Dr. Oz they tend to think I’m a bit crazy at first too, but hear me out. Without further ado, let’s jump right in to the three simple secrets that lay the foundation for your new 1-day energy fix.


Secret #1

Drink your meals. I’ll be honest with you – I’m pretty lazy and I don’t have a lot of time. Thankfully, my blender has been my best friend for the past decade. Instead of having to always prepare traditional homemade meals, or worse yet, skip them all together and rely on unhealthy snack foods, I can easily and quickly whip together a delicious smoothie that is loaded with tons of energizing whole foods.

Plus, since the blender essentially pre-digests the food for you by liquefying it, your body is now able absorb far more of the nutrients than if you had to rely on doing all the chewing yourself. Make sense?


Secret #2

Enjoy more greens. Green vegetables are the most nutrient dense of all foods and they provide your body with the very minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients it requires to look and feel amazing…and they reduce your risk of all disease – including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity! The good news is that the easiest way to get more greens is by throwing them into a smoothie.


Secret #3

Eat a larger balanced meal for dinner consisting of lean protein, slow-digesting carbohydrates, lots of veggies, and healthy fats. In just a minute I’ll even give you detailed instructions on how you can easily order this type of meal at just about any restaurant.

Now, here’s what a typical day might look like on this 1-Day Energy Fix:


Meal One:

First, I start the day by actually skipping breakfast as this allows your body to detoxify all of those fat-loving, energy draining toxins out of your body. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of research that shows you’ll be more than fine without breakfast. Starting your day with a bagel or big bowl of cereal is exactly the opposite of what your body requires upon waking and doing so disrupts important hormones like cortisol, insulin, and leptin. As a result, eating a big breakfast can leave you feeling sluggish and actually work against your ability to burn fat.

Here’s what I normally do each morning:

I first drink a big glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon. That kick-starts your digestive system and helps to rid your body of built up toxins in the liver and gall bladder. Next, I drink a big glass of water with my Energy Greens – flooding my body with tons of energizing nutrients and without all the draining and fattening calories that come with a traditional breakfast.

Meal Two:

At lunchtime you’ll want to have a more substantial energy-boosting green smoothie that is packed with more of the green goodness that your body is craving. And since there are so many delicious green smoothie recipes to choose from, you can rotate them around so that you never get bored of having the same one. Here’s what I enjoyed today:


  • Handful of spinach (or other leafy greens)
  • 2 tbsp Energy Greens
  • 1 apple
  • 1 banana
  • 1 pear
  • Juice of 1/2 lime
  • 3 cups of water

Optional Afternoon Energy-Boost:

Around 3 p.m. is when many people hit a wall and seek ought a quick ‘pick me up’ like caffeine or sugar. If you ever hit this afternoon lull, then just mix one tablespoon of Energy Greens in a glass of water…and enjoy! You’ll be refueled and recharged and you’ll feel great about yourself for not giving in to bad food choices that you end up regretting later.

Meal Three:

At about 6pm, I have a healthy dinner, which consists of a small portion of lean protein like chicken, grass-fed beef, or wild salmon…Literally just the size of my palm and the thickness of a deck of playing cards – that’s all you need. It’s about 3 oz.

The rest of the plate is loaded with healthy veggies and healthy fats. I’ll often have half-cup of nutrient-packed healthy carbs like mashed sweet potato, quinoa, or beets…And always a BIG green salad or steamed greens like asparagus, broccoli, kale, or spinach, which I’ll then top with healthy fats like olive oil. Some nights I’ll omit the meat for high-protein vegetarian options like beans and lentils.


Stick to those three simple rules, and you can easily order this type of meal while dining out. There are no social restrictions on this meal plan. And because most of the day is liquid, we’re also drinking more water than most people get over 2-3 days. This further helps your energy and keeps your skin looking fresh and youthful. I follow this 1-Day Energy Fix plan at least 3-4 days per week and if you do the same, you’ll look and feel better than you have in a very very long time.

And to keep things interesting, as I mentioned earlier, I constantly switch up my green smoothie recipes but they almost always contain 1-2 tbsp of my Energy Greens blend. And I’m going to give you the opportunity to get the same recipe book I use, called 21 Energy-Boosting Green Smoothies, for FREE!

Is the 1-day energy fix really that simple and easy?


And does it really work to fight fatigue fast? You bet! Besides your nightly meal, this daily plan only takes a measly 30-60 seconds twice a day to perform; that’s just one to two minutes of your time. Is that something you can do?


Now, the #1 question I get about this 1-day plan is…
‘Is it important to use these Energy Greens in smoothies and throughout the day?’
The answer is…YES!

Here’s why:

Most people are not getting nearly enough vegetables and fruit in their diet. In fact, recent stats from the USDA show the average American is eating only 1.5 servings per day! But even if you are eating plenty of whole foods, today’s produce is significantly lower in essential nutrients than foods produced 50 years ago because modern farming practices have depleted our soils of minerals.

Plus, the long shipping and storage time between harvest and market degrades the nutrient content further.

Knowing these drawbacks, your body is craving a nutritional supercharger. And that’s exactly what my Energy Greens provides for you.

Here’s what makes my Energy Greens so much better for you than everything else out there (believe me, I tested them all).

First, most greens powders on the market are expensive urine that taste like fresh cut lawn. And that’s because they use the ‘whole leaf’ powder, which is made by ‘cheaply’ drying the raw leaves and grasses, and then literally grinding them into a powder. Your body doesn’t absorb most of these nutrients because they’re locked away inside the fibers, and just pass through your body wasted and unused…talk about peeing away money!

Plus, when you eventually mix the blend with water and sip it, the result is a rough, grainy drink that tastes like your front yard, which sits in the back of your throat leaving nothing more than a bitter after taste.

By contrast, my Energy Greens are produced by extracting the JUICE – thus omitting the fiber that locks away so many vital nutrients – from the raw greens and other ingredients at low temperatures, which means the nutrients are 100% raw, pure, and fully preserved.

The juice is then freeze dried, before being turned into an ultra-dissolvable powder. When you mix this powder with your water, everything dissolves in seconds… the resulting drink is smooth, tastes delicious… and… your body soaks up the nutrients like a sponge, transforming all that natural goodness into energy and health!

Second, in an effort to impress consumers, most commercial greens powders contain a “kitchen-sink’ full of ingredients – usually 15 to 71 ingredients or more. But many of these ingredients are in trace amounts, too small to deliver any noticeable health benefits. Plus, they taste horrible.

In contrast, my Energy Greens is the best tasting greens powder on the planet and I didn’t throw “the entire kitchen sink” into its superfood blend. Instead, only the TOP 8 most nutrient-dense superfoods in the world made the cut – and every single one of the superfoods comes in significant amounts that have been shown to help enhance health… protect against disease… and provide natural energy and well-being.

I spent months perfecting its patented formula using just 8 delicious, health-boosting superfood ingredients, which includes barley grass, alfalfa, goji berries, maca, spirulina, chlorella, cinnamon, and vanilla. The resulting flavor and smooth texture is simply too good to describe.

Third, not only is it almost impossible to find a greens powder that tastes great and uses the higher quality juice powder from a select number of superfoods…

It’s rare to find another greens powder that is 100% USDA certified organic and certified gluten free! Most other powders may contain a few organic ingredients but very few are truly 100% certified organic. And I don’t know of any that have been tested and certified gluten-free.

Just another reason my Energy Greens blend is far superior than anything else you’re likely to find. It contains no artificial additives, colors, flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners. At all.

1 Scoop. 8 Superfoods.
Instead, our Energy Greens derives its sensational flavor from aromatic and delicious superfoods like goji berry, cinnamon, and vanilla. Our clients tell us it’s the only greens powder they can actually drink in water, let alone their smoothies.

Lastly, most superfood supplements contain ingredients that are not raw, but instead are highly processed, which means you’re getting a much lower quality product.

Only raw (and organic) superfoods preserve the full nutritional, medicinal and therapeutic health benefits that give them the name “superfoods” in the first place. And that’s why we only use 100% raw ingredients that are as close to their original state as possible.

When you consider that most greens powders use the cheaper, hard-to-absorb ‘whole leaf’ powder, don’t use 100% raw ingredients, are not 100% organic or gluten free, and taste terrible, is there really any contest?

Not only is my Energy Greens the best quality product you can find, it’s guaranteed to be the best-tasting greens powder you’ve ever tried. It’s also been consistently rated as the #1 greens powder for taste and quality by health and fitness professionals worldwide, and we literally have thousands of rave reviews from customers just like you.

And as if that weren’t enough, you’re also going to get a ton of FREE bonus gifts with your Energy Greens order today to make getting started on this 1-Day Energy Fix even easier.

Check this out:

  1. You get $30 OFF the regular price of Energy Greens when you order right now (normally $99)
  2. When you grab 3 tins (a 2-month supply) right now, you will save 13% OFF this discounted price. If you grab 6 tins, then you’ll get 20% OFF the discounted price today.
  3. Next, I’m going to send you a free full-color copy of my 21 Energy Boosting Greens Smoothies recipe guide with your order so you have a near-endless variety of green smoothies to enjoy on the 1-day energy fix plan.
  4. You also get a FREE downloadable cheat sheet of the 1-Day Energy Fix plan so that you’ll always know how to maximize your energy throughout the day.

These three bonus gifts are valued at over $100… but they’re yours FREE when you order now.


Enjoy feeling AMAZING!

Your friend and coach,

Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, RHN
Creator, Energy Greens
NY Times bestselling author, The All-Day Energy Diet

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